SOSRES provides capacity development services including the design and organization of capacity development courses on sustainable development policy tools. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge and experience designing courses that provide clients with the instruments needed for inclusive sustainable development and climate change policies for governments, non-governmental organizations, and private enterprises. Our program emphasizes policies, tools, and techniques particularly tailored to the Asia-Pacific context and provide solutions to the challenges created by rapid economic development, natural resource scarcity, climate change and environmental degradation.

Courses Objectives

Our capacity development courses seek to:

  • Introduce innovative solutions to address the development challenges faced by countries in the Asia and the Pacific region.
  • Familiarize participants with appropriate assessment tools to measure emerging issues in the region.
  • Assist with the integration of sustainable development concepts into socio-economic policy planning.
  • Advise on the significant competitive advantages that can be accrued by private enterprises through improved environmental management practices.
  • Increase the capacity of policy makers to develop policies which will promote a green economy.

Our programs works to assist building individual and organizational capabilities to ensure sustainable development goals can be defined and realized at the national, local, and sectoral levels, and have been designed to educate public, private and civil society actors about the most innovative and cost-effective approaches for initiating a transition toward more environmentally sustainable economic growth patterns.

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