Deriving from SOStenibilità and RESponsabilità (Sustainability and Responsibility), SOSRES believes sustainability is about minimizing our impact on the planet and managing growth responsibly. After reaching a statistical seven billion people in late 2011 (taking just over a decade to add the most recent billion), it's even more obvious that pressure on resources will continue to increase in sync with the population unless we make efforts to decouple our activities and their impacts through a combination of technology, smart policy, and better choices. 


SOSRES formed with the idea to help companies and organizations navigate through these choices and share the messages demonstrated by their efforts. But it takes more than an idea to make an impact. It takes understanding and dedication both to the issues and the way we communicate.

Three months into 2012 and there are already newly popular social media channels taking off like Pinterest and communities like Reddit organizing themselves around activism. Without making a judgement on the direction of social media, it's clear that ideas are flowing and opportunities to engage audiences are increasing. This will mean a lot in terms of setting communications strategies ahead of Rio+20, the most significant sustainable development meeting in 20 years, which will take place in just a few months in Brazil, and the next round of international negotiations for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC, spoken colloquially as UN-F-Triple-C) - set for the end of the year in Qatar. 

This is a big year for sustainability and a big year for communications, and SOSRES is excited to be part of it.